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Dividers black with Side Tabs

Dividers black with Side Tabs

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These dividers in size A5 and personal bring order to your planner in a chic and unobtrusive way! They are made of high quality material that ensures durability and is tough enough to withstand daily use.
A set A5 consists of 6 dividers (personal 5 dividers), which can be labeled or pasted etc. as desired, there are no limits to your imagination...

▷ Material: polypropylene film (pleasant surface)
▷ Thickness: 0.38mm
▷ Overhang tabs: 10mm
▷ A5 dimensions: 15.8 x 21 cm with 6 tabs
▷ Dimensions PERSONAL: 9.6 x 17.2 cm with 5 tabs
▷ Perforation A5: 6-fold / 19-19-70-19-19mm
▷ PERSONAL perforation: 6 holes / 19-19-51-19-19mm

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