Our vision

What does the name of our brand mean? At the beginning of our journey, when it was time to come up with a name, commonplace ideas started coming to mind (Successful Planning, The Plan Is Here, My Success Plan, etc.). But that wasn't quite what we were looking for; we wanted something deeper. We wanted a name that would be memorable and connected to motivation for our people, planning, goal achievement, and so on. Ultimately, we chose the name «MyRoadmap» for our stationery and planners brand, as it carries profound meaning that aligns perfectly with our vision and values.

Even though «Roadmap» typically refers to a strategic plan in business, we decided to transpose this term to a more personal and inspirational level - the journey of an individual's life. Therefore, we added «My» to emphasize the focus on oneself and one's life.

In the context of our brand, «MyRoadmap» reflects the idea that every person has their own unique path, filled with diverse stages, goals, and achievements. Our products, serving as tools and guides of sorts, help people navigate this path, achieve their goals, and transform their dreams into reality.

Similar to how a business roadmap provides direction and key milestones, our «MyRoadmap» brand serves as a reminder that in each of us, there exist dreams, tasks, and plans. It urges people to actively participate in shaping their own paths, inspiring them to actualize their potential and aspirations.

Our products help organize and structure day-to-day tasks and long-term objectives, making the journey through life more meaningful and successful. «MyRoadmap» merges the concept of strategic planning with the profound meaning of personal development, emphasizing that each person is the captain of their life's journey, and our products help them make this journey remarkable and motivational.