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Transparent Tab Stickers for Dividers/Bookmarks (white print)

Transparent Tab Stickers for Dividers/Bookmarks (white print)

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Create dividers for your planner with our transparent stickers featuring white text. This product allows you to systematically and efficiently organize your planner or journals.

These transparent tab stickers will help you enhance and organize your planning system. They provide clear and distinct markers for various life areas and tasks. Design a unique and efficient planner that suits your needs and structures your activities.

The sticker sheet is approximately 14.8 x 21 cm in size (DIN A5) and contains 96 pre-cut stickers (each theme is duplicated).

They work exceptionally well with black, dark, and transparent dividers.

▷ Sticker Size: 30 x 6 mm - perfect for divider tabs, bookmarks (mini-dividers), or sticky notes.
▷ Material: transparent film with strong adhesive (permanent).
▷ Contents: 1 sheet with 96 stickers.
▷ Language options: German or English.

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