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Rings 30mm for Personal (A6) Planner/Binder

Rings 30mm for Personal (A6) Planner/Binder

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We are pleased to introduce to you our high-quality 6-ring mechanism, including screws, available in two colors (silver and matte black) for your ring planner. This mechanism is made of premium material and has been finished through a galvanization process to make it exceptionally durable and robust.

With this ring mechanism, adding or removing pages to your ring planner becomes effortless. They open and close smoothly, allowing you to store your documents securely and neatly. Whether you're organizing notes, schedules, or important documents, our rings keep everything securely in place.

▷ Ring spacing in mm: 19-19-51-19-19
▷ Inner diameter: 30mm
▷ Accessories: 2 screws for attachment + 2 screws
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