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Refillable Notebook Cover "Midnight" | Personalizable, A5 Ring Binder Planner

Refillable Notebook Cover "Midnight" | Personalizable, A5 Ring Binder Planner

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Discover our exquisite cover made from high-quality vegan leather in the color "Midnight", featuring an elegant Litchi/Pebbled surface structure. This cover is the perfect addition to your personalized organization and adds a touch of luxury to your life. Dimensions: 250 x 190 x 40 mm.

Variants to choose from:

1. Without Rings - Perfect for Your Needs: Our first variant is a versatile cover without rings, ideal as a Discbound cover, notepad cover, tablet case, or book cover. It effortlessly adapts to your various requirements while ensuring a stylish appearance.

2. With Black or Silver Rings - The Ultimate Ring Planner: Our second variant offers a choice between black or silver rings, transforming the cover into a highly functional A5 ring planner. This option is perfect for those who value structured planning and organization while maintaining an elegant presence. (Ring Spacing: 19-19-70-19-19mm, Ø30mm)

High-Quality Vegan Leather: Our cover is crafted from high-quality vegan leather that is not only environmentally friendly but also provides a luxurious look and a pleasant tactile experience. You can use this cover with a clear conscience.

Elegant Surface: The Litchi/Pebbled surface structure lends our cover timeless elegance and a unique texture. It not only looks fantastic but also feels premium.

Personalization: With our special option to add initials or a word with a maximum of 7 letters, you can give your cover a personal touch - we'll execute it perfectly for you through blind embossing.
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