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Planner-Dashboard «No Time For Fake» A5

Planner-Dashboard «No Time For Fake» A5

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Ignite your productivity with our inspiring planner dashboard! Our thoughtful and luxurious design combines determination and motivation to bring your goals into focus.

Our main quote emphasizes that there is no place for deceit and artificiality in life. It speaks to how "fake" refers to deceitful or unfriendly people who don’t support you or believe in your abilities and strengths. The term "fake" also encompasses activities and tasks that do not bring you pleasure or joy and seem to be imposed upon you externally, reflecting a sense of artificiality or unnaturalness. It is a call to avoid anything in your life that lacks sincerity, interest, or doesn’t align with your genuine desires and values.

▷ Language: English
▷ Materials: Cardboard 300g
▷ Enhanced feel with a special surface
▷ Single-sided printing
▷ Compatible with all A5 ring planners and discbound systems

Size and perforation see guide size.

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