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A5 Discbound Planner-Box "Dark Chocolate"

A5 Discbound Planner-Box "Dark Chocolate"

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With this set, you save over 30 euros.

This Discbound planner box has been lovingly crafted and offers everything you need for successful planning. Additionally, it features a distinctively exclusive design.

Enjoy your planning on 188 pages with our A5-sized Discbound planner. This set impresses with its fresh and vibrant design. The Discbound planner is easy to transport and shines even when you're on the go.

The Discbound planner set includes:

▷ CHOICE OF: Cover made of vegan leather "Dark Chocolate"
▷ Discbound Inner Cover (Clear)
▷ Aluminum Discs "Dark Silver" 8 pieces, 32 mm
▷ Dashboard "My Potential"
▷ 30 pages of daily planner with time
▷ 30 pages of weekly planner
▷ 30 pages of monthly planner
▷ 30 pages of To-Do lists
▷ 60 pages of squared universal inserts
▷ A5 divider tabs with 4 top tabs
▷ Tab stickers in English (black print)
▷ 1 Gel Pen (Dusty Rose)
▷ Sticky Notes (Sepia Brown)
▷ Sticky Notes (Pale Amethyst)
▷ 2 Fineliners "Lemon" and "Worsted"
▷ Tweezers for stickers w
▷ Transparent Stickers 3 shapes set


Each Discbound planner is delivered in an elegant packaging and is perfect as a gift.

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